videothis shit speaks for itself. staring Awolla Bloseneed and Raptor Force Falcon.

p.s. ignore the last minute

remember elfquest?

sea wars

videotomas' backyard dicking around. we drank and smoked all afternoon then set some firecrackers off in his room and glue gunned our fingers together. then licked batteries.

beaver fever

videothis past summer a handful of us went up to ryan's cottage for a few days. couple of us smoked salvia and doodled about till 7am. this is right before we decided to try to sleep. the fog on this lake (black water lake?) was amazing. and birds were flipping out. the weekend was fucking epic hands down.


videothis night was fucked. we went to the ex and drank a lot of wine and went on all the rides and got tired. then on the walk home we found this huge fenced off section that was knee deep with soap suds. the whole things was eerie. it had just gotten dark and there were still kids everywhere and then we danced around in the shit for a while. clean shins






I was biking home from school the other day round evening rush-hour, going west on queen. spadina was a red light so I stopped and took my foot off my pedal to lean onto the sidewalk but missed it by about three feet. I dunno why my knee gave out but it did and I did a nice n' easy roll over onto the sidewalk right by the shins of a group of fiesty youngens. i layed there for a second and stared up at the sky, then pulled my dress down and my bike up off of my leg and jolly-wise hopped back on. was all fun n' games till I realized I had fucked my wrist sometime in the mangladesh process. now it kills