Slap your oponent in the ear.

Wind factor all time high. Biking into said wind is almost slower than walking into it. My bike is falling apart too. I have to tighten my back brakes every time i get on. And takes a full rotation for my thing to click into my other thing. Maybe needs to be oiled. I had a metre stick in my backpack and it kept smacking the back of my head and i thought it was birds shitting repeatedly on me. Speaking of which, James' mom got bird doo in her mouth and eye once while biking. I sifted through some old photos instead of working on a final storyboard and found some gems:




the lady that works passport and permit shit at the danish consulate on bloor is amazing.

voodoo phone

good times with agatron at magic pony

Oooohhhhh Thursdays. Last night was a doozie. We went to an art auction at the AGO and drank a fuckload of red wine and slopped around and bid on some shit then vanished onto party place B. I hadn't been on my bike more than 3 minutes before i shimmied into an icy streetcar track and ate some mild shit. In the process I managed to sheer the back half of my phone off and the back pocket of my favourite pair of jeans. No biggie, phone still worked and pants can be fixed peasy. So Adam and I arrived at Cadillac before everyone else because bikes basically teleport you. We bought a pitcher thinking we'd be sharing it once gang arrived, but drank it ourselves. A bit later I wandered off to pee and found some free treats on the way. pineapples and hummus. In the bathroom i carefully put my phone on this back ledge thing then put it in my pocket then left then felt my pocket and it wasn't there because my pocket is ripped off via. cement road so i walked back to find it having a bath at the bottom of the toilet. This is probably the 5th time I've soaked a phone. I s'pose it's a nifty way to get people to continuously buy new phones, cause I imagine it's simple to make such a device waterproof. Anyways i convinced myself not to punch anything and drank more. Then we wandered across the street and danced a lot. lots lots lots. No one fell into that fucking crevasse which was a first. lots more dancing lots more drinking. Made some new friends. Invented some new moves. Set my bear coat on fire while smoking. Everyone dispersed and I biked home. This morning i puked and couldn't get out of bed till 4 pm. Yet another write-off Friday that I'm not too hot on. Did do some Danmark planning with my pops which was good. My phone still kind of works a bit. Great night. tomorrow I'm gonna do 1million things to make up for canoodling my pillow all day today. Have fun in the Soo James.

p.s. Year of the Shitball is going to be epic