copenhagen life ban list:
milk except for in coffee

may have found a cheap bike except i won't buy it until i know i can't find a cheaper gooder one.
copenhagen is big on pickled herring which is great cause in canada i was always laughed at for being big on pickled herring. one thing that has not changed since my move here is my ability to spy on people who live across from me. at 201 it was that boy who smoked his bong out his window while his parents watched tv on the floor beneath him. here it's all the danes that live across the courtyard which includes: a couple who is currently necking in their kitchen, a woman who almost dropped her baby. at the climax the baby was a meter away from momma's body and upside down. also there was a hot guy who was sitting at his type-writer who turned out to be a pudgy woman with no beard. also right now there's a friendly looking boy hanging his wet laundry.

i got lost twice today. the first time i had to stop and ask a girl if she could point us out on my map and i was WAAY across the city from where i thought i was. still it only took 10 minutes to get back on track since everything is close to everything. on the walk home i bought groceries. loaf of bread, 3 bell peppers, bunch of tomatoes, three oranges, huge box of raisins, penne, tomato sauce, and uhh i don't remember what else. oh and a $4 bottle of wine. (20kr). It was like $19 bucks total which is badass cause shit here is expensive but that one spot is cheap beans. I got home and realized neither Julie nor I have a cork screw so we had a wicked time opening it.

julie and i like a lot of the same music. and booze. she has a friend over right now and a second ago they were making that gnarly muccus throat sound that Bjork does sometimes. then they were singing "ch.ch.ch.ch.chaaanges"

DKDS is wicked. i'm trying to get into these courses:
light, form and space
intro to animation
the music and sounds of film
fashion illustration
book jacket design
font design and font lab
personal image illustration
silk screening
lost wax casting - which is a glass class

the couple just turned off the kitchen light and are wandering off to another room. if they make a baby they might drop it

also I'm reading The Grey King which has a lot of Welsh in it and sheep herding and giant foxes and an albino boy with an albino dog.

also Wesley Crusher-Willis-Snipes is my best concept



kitchen. is also where I took my first bucket-bath which was surprisingly excellent. feels like being a baby, except you barely fit in the bucket.

baby Axel could live here if he wanted to

Nørrebro park. to the right is the cemetery


This city is baaanaaaanaaaas.
Holy hell.
Just got back from my first roundabout town wander. You go from weird industrial factory magic to insanely nice markets and water and trees. I walked through Nørrebro park which has a built in cemetery and there are birds everywhere and bikes everywhere and everything is everywhere. I can't emphasize how many attractive people there are. It's all smiles across the board. about a million languages floating around. Met a nice violinist on Strøget. Since I don't have a bike yet I'm gonna walk to DKDS tomorrow and sign up for courses. Julie tried to explain how the curriculum works but I still don't get it. Lunchtime.


Jeg forstår ikke to øl, tak. øåøåøåø媕ª•ºªºªºªºªºøˆπøˆ

Yes yes yeah yes yes yup
K take note Lufthansa airlines is TAAAAP NAATCH. First of all I had like half the plane to myself, and they have those center isle things with four seats so I laid down and was massive comfortable. They gave me really tasty pasta dinner with cold bean salad and a fucking gigantor brownie. Then a few hours later they gave me tasty breakfast. Also they basically forced me to drink a lot of red wine. The air was amazingly dry the whole time so I had a continuous bloody nose BUT i made up for it by taking a pillow and two blankets. I got here around 11am local time and cabbed it to the apartment. Julie and her friend Sara were here and helped me set up and are super friendly. I unpacked some of my shit then Julie took me for a walk around the neighbourhood which is hands down nothing like I've ever seen before. The setup is brills. Streets are real curly and confusing and the buildings are old and classy and half covered with graffiti which also looks completely different than from north america. Saw about a million cute boys and girls on bikes. Also it's much warmer here. I was wearing a sweater and a light coat. We went to the grocery store which is two seconds from the apartment and bought some food. Grocers sell beer. So do all corner stores. Anything that sells anything sells booze too. When we got back Julie showed me the make-shift shower in the kitchen which is a shower head connected to the faucet which you hold while you stand or sit in a bucket. She says there will be a proper shower installed at some point but I kind of wish that there won't be.
My internal clock is mangled. I just had a 7 hour sleep and it's 9:10pm local and I'm awake as fudge. The window in my room faces this nice courtyard/park thingy. Maybe I'll go trollop around and get lost after showerbucket.


One Foot in the Grave

Feel a bit merky.  I'm assuming and hoping it's just anxiety about dipping off. Sarain just left for the week and I won't see her till I'm back in late august. This morning my parents and mini brothers left to go back home. Had the wickedest time playing non-stop with Nikkles. He loves war games and wrestling. After they left I biked up to Agatron's to hang out with her cat since her and Ryan are in London for the weekend. Kitty seemed merked too. The ride back was amazingly cold since it's all downhill. I'm thinking I shouldn't bring banjo. Sketchy visa issues and minimal funding are going to set me up with lots of traveling from home to home country to country, which isn't happy partnering with the amount of stuff I want to bring. I've been wondering about dumb things, like whether or not there are squirrels there. I suppose I should be spending this time researching wicked shit to adventure round. Fuck i'm anxious. And clammy. Tomorrow night'll be good. Finishing up some vid shooting with Ryan then some last time hanging with gang. Also totally have a ride to the airport on Tuesday with Robinhood. Watched Slaughter House Five last night with pops. Was in and out of sleep but it was wicked. Being John Malkovich was on afterwards. I love dreamy, reality vs. not flicks. I love any thought on the concept of reality. I also love being really high. There's some happy partnering. P.s. the colour brown is really solid. So is salmon. Together is good too. 



extreme sock permit



oooooooo stress does not sit well in my belly oh phat one. moving is approx. negative 57 on the phun scale. i have way too much stuff. you want some stuph? you want a straw hat? dyou want seven ugly scarves? dyou want a garbage bag full of glue gun glue sticks? bubble wrap? a million shitty records? industrial size tube of lubricant? 5 half used shit-quality life drawing sketch pads? un-enlightening course readers? 3 broken cellphones? every possible colour of gel-pen? 18 half-empty spraypaint cans? foam flip-flops? 3 home-made bongs that may or may not be hexed? white board covered in permanent marker? 

i'm gonna pass out. i swear to bjork right meow that i'm gonna spend the rest of my life owning as little stuff as possible. i'm on day 5 of straight organizing my belongings into 4 simple categories: shit i'll bring, shit i'll store, shit i'll throw out, shit i'll give away. i keep fucking up my piles. almost threw out my squeeze box by accident. also i just flashed all of roncesvalles by accident. the fuck highlighters. phuck. 

on a lighter note, my buoyfriend was on snl last night which upped my faith in glory porridge. more lighter notes: new tub of scrub means wicked clean face. i'm wearing a kilt over my sweats. i could irish jig then go for a jog. joig. also found some good stickers under a pile of books. stickem. just got my passport stamped with my residence and work permit. things are getting real legit. i hope i don't suffocate in bubble wrap. you should probably take it off my hands so that doesn't happen. 

balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls balls. massive attack is good stuph. 



Saturday round noon i wandered over to King and we all had mushroom tea. Stayed in the living room for the day. The first smack in the face was crazy giggles while flipping through kids books. Then complete silence. I stared out the window for what seemed like days. The street and sidewalk puffed up and down a couple metres at least, so did the snow and shingles on the neighbour's rooftop. Then I petted my sweater and stared at the shelving which puffed too. Sweater felt great. So did my hands. They looked fucking huge, like the size of mountains. Really far away too, I thought I'd have to cross a valley to reach them. Adam and James chatted during this part but I couldn't concentrate on what they were saying. I heard them, but it was all muffled and confussed. My peak happened round that time, I just let my eyes wander and could feel the huge smile on my face, then found a feather in my pocket which blew my mind to pieces. Doodled a lot after that. Drew a face and I could feel him being sucked off the page. Tried to write some things down but they're mostly nonsense. Couldn't figure out whether I was sitting down or laying down, so I wrote about that and couldn't figure out how to spell "down". Then couldn't figure out what the fuck shellfish means. At this point I was able to register what people were saying again, and found most of it funny. Wrote down the funny things. Someone asked if it was snowing and I said "I don't know I can't see". Then remembered that I actually could see, and was right in front of the open window. The record ended and I really really didn't want to change it. Earlier I'd spotted the "reject" button and it gave me the shivers. Every time I had to piss, which was probably every half hour, I had to force myself not to glance in the mirror. I remember having a hard time connecting what I wanted my hands to do with with what they actually did, but then got it back, then grabbed a ukulele. Then Adam grabbed the other one. We'd never played music together before, but dove right into it and didn't stop for fuuuuucking a long time. Till we weren't high anymore basically. James sat between us and drew the whole time. Every time we stopped he told us to keep going. That was wicked fun jam times. Adam played mine and I played his. I always feel really calm and sleepy for a few days after doing mushrooms. etc etc etc etc etc 
T-minus two weeks till I abort north-america. 
I've been stalking Scandinavia's general public all day getting hyped


reborn ass

having time off is peculiar. i try to relax and do, but then i don't do strenuous shit like studying which tires me out, therefore can't sleep. so all winter break i've been tossing around at night. plus i still don't have a place to live in copen-shlong which isn't helping sleep factor either. plus i'm living in a shitstorm. i trip over boxes hourly. etc. shutup ola quit whining. oh okay. 
member new years? that was a hoot. golden memories x3000 poems. parties at agata and ryan's house are never crap. ever. i went through three pairs of pants today biking through the slush bucket. almost ate the back end of a school bus. first the fucker almost angsts me into a snow bank and sprays up to my neck, THEN slams on the breaks the second he get's in front of me. plus my breaks aren't so hot when they're wet. i wanna party. what a shitty post. just kidding what an amazing post.