mr. orange says relax

got hyper to some russian folk last night, felt close to my polskaola roots. watched reservoir dogs and from dusk till dawn just now: need a pick me upper. good thing i stocked up on raisins. over and out wine time

mena n' whatshisface rippin it

banana bass. was monstrous.

tonto bangs vs. saoul bangs


need eggs

digital disimpaction hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhah

going out to share a smoke. while outside she turned her laptop around so i had to stare at the lawn because "this is weird we don't usually smoke face to face like this"

congrats rossco on your engagement to adriana lima. i'll be sure to break lots of shit at the wedding in june


urryday i'm hyggelin

this morning i was spying on some kids fighting with light-sabers and i walked into a pole but i don't care cause last night was way too fun. drank for my life. ended up at this bar in the hood where we stayed way past closing dancing around and drinking free everything. mena walked me home and bless hersoul for doing it cause i woulda ended up in the bush. tripped up the stairs and ate shit. this morning woke up with raisins stuck to my face. staying awake in class was brutal. GRADE A WEDNESDAY.

crotch shot. r.i.p. grade 9 roof seshyas

ted would be proud


jose, mena, spain

doped out in 05

so parched


bangs n' milkcrate

spot my boobs

beer bank

been stealing a lot of sugar from school


tuesday feb 24

i mostly eat raisins and cigarettes

p.s. people in denmark play the roxanne game


from a buick 6

i'm not in the spot i'm sposed to be according to my 20 year plan 5 years ago. not even close



soulboymatefriend #3. crusher



new schoolin

yeyo lessee here.
today was drinking coffee in the kitchen with julie and spotted a mattress outside by our recycling bins so now i've got a bed. tonto is known for bedbugs but i've been assured that it's not a problem in copenhagen so hushnow everything's fine. carrying it up the stairs was fun. the other day i was making padoortiosth pasta and smashed the only plate in the apartment. was totally a dumb move. rocked my class last week. forgot how to draw but it came back mid-week. this week is sounds and music in film which is going to be bananas fun. wednesday we're going to listen to some sound designers speak about stuph. friday is some phat party at school. may have found a bike for 60bones if it's big enough for this. been colouring a lot with pencil crayons. been making lots of music. been drinking lots of wine. been going out and drinking lots of wine. been wandering n' reading n' whatever forever. don't worry when something explodes i'll tell you promise. i'ma snooze like a king tonight.