i'm being overly optimistic man. i haven't touched watercolours since i was 12. this is gonna be toilet.

8 kinds of tape

i was bigtime crushing on Schmidt till I started seeing plics of her hip hypin-it all round NY like a regular scron party goer. i liked her better when she was terrified of murderous street corpses. at the same time, 8grand says I milk the party scene the second i lick the money melon. EH RYGUY???EH????? so hoomeye to judge.

speaking of whatever, i finally put down the shit and got some fresh air today after days of none. i scrapped the whole first Kittens concept and am starting from scratch, resulting in heart attacks, nuff said. anyways it was nice out so i wandered over to V1 where they've been having this New Yorkers exhibit on for a while (thanks barbermike for the headsup). here's some plics of my favourite finds. minus the first one which is just roof tops. 

i shoulda given myself more time to wander through the whole thing. had to leave before I got the chance to watch the video installations. though i usually hate those anyways. 

d'hickideedoo likes goo therefor i'm doodling for him: 

new tools

i agreed to meet mikael at school tomorrow morning to work all day and i regret it. 
p.s. got huge pants
p.p.s. got 10/12 in animation 1. adler says i would've gotten perfect if my presentation hadn't been so half assed. this round will be seamless i fucking guarantee 



ross called up his soulmate tom green the other night with the rest of dyne's posse. i died watching it. 


i hadn't found a double yolk in probably three years and the carton i just finished had three of them in it. creeps me the fuck out. even though yolk is 80 times tastier than egg white.
plus some jackass told me a double yolk means you're gonna die. or you're preggo. 


meat goddess

last night we saw Watcha Clan at Global and it was fucking wicked. then sebastian juggled. 



hungover. wondering if i'll be able to sleep if i watch mulholland drive right meow. 



death to my kneecaps

i just remembered jakob and i tried to play master of puppets blowing into beer bottles.

D.J. Snap-To-The-Grid killed me

had a super fucking awesome day today
barely slept last night finishing the first cut of my dumbass music video. presented it this morning at 9am and it went really really well. then julie and i met sissel for coffee. she's moving to toronto for a year wanted to network since i'm freshbeans and know all the hotspots. barf. the coffee joint was wicked. it was once owned by julie's dead ex-boyfriend. we went to what's-it-called for cheap dinner and i bumped into 4/10 and all hilarious friends. met a latvian hippy who told me i look like pocahontas. then sissel, two of her friends and i FINALLY found jobs at roskilde. FUCK I'M HAPPY. roskilde has been stressing me out for months and now it's officially off my to-dooder list. plus it's a fun job walking around the festival selling newspapers. i'm gonna meet 40 soulmates there i can just taste it. also my next and last 6 weeks of school are more animation. also i love my fucking apartment and my fucking room-mate. last night she made me delicious dinner AND cleaned my dishes cause i was working non-stop. life is the fattest peach right now it's barely funny.

p.s. when i'm not listening to this i'm listening to this


spreading the word of fiske regent

after handing in a paper yesterday at noon i spent the rest of the day drinking in the sun. popped at least 7 squats. one of them was off a cement ledge into a grassy patch behind a dumpster and i slipped and ate it. think i sprained my ankle girl pissing is such a fucking rip-off.

on the plus side i laughed a lot the whole day. jakob's friends are hilarious. especially high


ledge n' dairy....HAH

i'm working on a music video for kittens as a school project. i'll post it once it's done which won't be for a while, but shooting is close to finished. here's a stupid fucking taste.

i'm pretty sure one day the internet is going to be a room in everyone's home instead of a 2d A3 that you stare at and can't touch.



i'm gonna jump patton at roskilde. i can take any amount of tazering.
josh homme is getting jumped too. too bad he'll be there singing about L.A. and not about god being creepy
i take that back it's good either way
pecknold - DEFINITELY getting ye olde jumper aswell
omar can watch but he can't join in. he's old news...even though Soothsayer is fucking amazing. had a heart attack watching this vid the first time.
trent reznor can judge the sexy salad on a scale of 1 to 8billion


wanna date?

i wish this version had the swears.

p.s. mikael hooked me up with after effects and a bunch of dope plug-ins and now i'm set to rule the phucking planet.

p.p.s. sarcasm is bullshit


you look like a big pile of warped cookie dough

ross is in my top 5 favourite people to chat online with. slumus agatron and anode are also in there.


i consider incubus only a mild-peach, but this song is fucking dope as food.
patton on the other hand is a full blown sex cobbler.
sister half of the knife also ridiculous good. bonus this vid is amazing.
this song gives me the jeebies. the video is dumb and makes me thirsty.

fucked up yet another bike double riding last night. 4th night in a row going to bed during sunrise.

ola: i get so much dong-enlargement spam
justin: maybe it's cause internet thinks you're a dude


i just got electrocuted while listening to bellawood.

can't afford raisin habbit

any time financial stress sets in, as it does now, i take comfort in the knowledge that one day not so far off it'll be a moot/moo point.

things i really regret today:
being a space cadet
losing my bike
losing my marbles
drawing all over that lou reed record
some other shit

fever ray is good


with aging comes wisdom

this phucking thing has turned into a shameful n' self-centered cock-mockery. therefor let's talk about something other than my thirsty travels. how are you?

best title sequence this week

watched this show skulled after class almost everyday in highschool. the animation style used to blow my mind. now not so much. good memories though

this is what the father of one of my children will look/be/sound like.

sleepytime posters never look like this.

classic hickey-face. love this shit

p.s. drank bad milk this morning.

p.s. i have a new accoutrement

boom biddy bye bye


hamster-damnit is a crazy ass spot. people party hard and the place is basically flooding and all the boats are peaches and dope smoke billows and things are good. my drink was slipped a little something extra at one juncture but aside from that shit was seamless. the week was 10/10

i spy with my fucking flop