we advise all nerds to get the fuck out

that was a fucking straight bananas weekend. no shpeel cause there are no words. my bike is dead my plap is gone my face is sore i'm way too aroused. in seven hours i'm going to roskilde for a week and a half. this place slays me


next time the birthing shouldn't be so seamless

yesterday morning was my first window in lightyears to fit in some jinglebomb. here is the result. everything i produce is becoming more and more creepy. cool with me, not so cool with others. yall can eat a dick.
after coffee this morning i biked around looking for a good spot to read and found this EXCELLENT cemetery out in Frederiksberg. forgot to bring my camera. ate a bug on the ride back. registering for september is freaking me out cause both the day that schedules are put online AND the first day to register are during Roskilde. i'm planning on being knee deep in puke mud at that juncture, last i checked ditches don't have wireless signals. who the fuck decided we'd get three days to plan out our thesis year?

diego tells me the dufferin bridge boozin hangout is being torn apart to extend dufferin......i have no words.

we saw gogol bordello at vega last night. amaaaaaaaaaazing show. except for the two performance biddies who prance around doing shit all. everytime they came on stage i found myself dancing less and staring more. staring at premium spandex ass. one of them didn't know lyrics.

julie made me laugh really hard twice in the last few days. first was her story about doing some face-painting at her old job, and how she had to continuously deny children the thrill of being turned into their favourite animal because she only had the colour pallet to paint giant flesh wounds. then a story about her bright idea to always have a stick and marshmallow handy for when someone in a large crowd is lighting their cigarette. you may or may not find these funny. you are the boss of you.

these are my legs at islands brygge having a gay ol' time

could be the burn victim hobo witch from Mulholland Dr.

big laughs. later we ate three pizzas.


this is this
shnookems and his piss foot.

hutz is the new example to which i will compare most dudes. see exhibit A for one of a million reasons.

tomorrow is going to be a really really really good day.



i'm max pooped. tried posting sunday night but was hammered and fell asleep. had my final presentation today and got 12 outa 12. ROCK N' ROLL WILL NEVER DIE. i'll post the vid once it's done, maybe by the weekend. done school. tonight is sankt hans. urryone gets drunk and sets shit on fire in the name of science. i.e. the longest day of the year. i had so many things to write about and i don't remember any of them. hate sarcasm. love tomatoes. be nice to your flesh friends.
THIS IS ME IKKE BEING GRAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


skin a cat

handed in my final paper yesterday. on the ride home i decided to detour to strøget to pick up fresh fish and basically drowned in a thunder storm. smiles all round. got home peeled off my pants and had one of the best naps of life. i remember half opening my eyes at one point and all the shit on my wall was melting together and my photo of braydon started telling a story about fishermen trying to sail a boeing. rolled outa bed and cooked said fish and boiled corn and had a super nice dinner with snap-to-the-grid and my family. they dipped and julie and i walked the streets in after-rain state plus beers. this morning she and I went to some flea markets and I got a maroon umbrella, highway 61 revisited on vinyl and a navajo bball bag to stuff with winter shit to send back to canadarm. p.s. last flea market day i picked up animal farm, to kill a mocking bird, and a sick pair of leather shoeboots. fuck shit this entry is scattered. i worked the rest of the day. presenting Choo vid on tuesday and then i'm done for good. ate 12million cookies. here's the day's smokebreak doodles minus the self-portrait which you've already seen:

while I worked, Julie went to the zoo and snagged a free poster from 16th century japan. not

the rest of this shit is what I've been listening to today. oh yeah i also did for real laundry for the first time in 5 months. also i got a huge smile from a boy this morning which sets my faith in not bathing.

p.s. peter talked me down from that massive piss rant that happened two days ago. brothers are an excellent thing to have.


i calmed down
i'm having a fucking hate attack. pint of rye. i ball-punchingly have to go back to canada at the end of July instead of end of August because i'm broke as fuck and rent there is half of what it is here plus i can't work here cause people are fucked and my permit expired and fucking changing my ticket was $350 and now i'm gonna puke. as with every other pissoff, this is completely my own fault, which makes it worse cause i'm a fucking idiot. now i'm 8grand in the hole, thesis is giving me an ulcer, need to pull mad all-nighters in a row starting now finishing this stupid fucking choo vid which i've learned to hate. i'm out of milk. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.



some call it rap. some call it hip hop. i call it rip rop.

i stumbled out of bed sunday morning and went to the airport to pick up my dad, step mum, and two little brothers who are staying in copenhagen for the week. almost barfed on the metro ride there cause of curious hangover. was pleased to find they were all in a similar boat cause of the fucked up time change. they're an excellent bunch to guide around the city because they're always happy. they brought along some birthday presents including a tent, a recycled side-bag and a pan flute that pop-tarts picked up during his time in peru which i LOVE. we had a serious city tour today. castles and canals and moats and forts and crazy tasty lunch. they bought me some leather bar tape which i'm still having a heart attack over. along with the pan flute and just being an overall fantastic brother, poptarts is also giving me his bianchi frame once i return to canada. i think the new tape will hop on that fucker. i'm gonna have the dopest bike of all fucking time. anyways it's really really really nice to see my family again. nikki and axel are hilarious.

this is not my bike.

nikki explaining why my sub and aircraft carrier are kaput.

dad rented a christiania bike

nikki having a shit time.

this city is a peach

p.s. this is my 100th post. i'm celebrating with an orange and a good night's sleep.

just piss in my hands

j-dilla brought carolina and i to the candy factory on saturday for an excellent show. this is that:

p.s. i'm finally back on a fucking bike.


camel toe since 1913

working all day/night. listening to black heart procession and tricky today.
ate some ice cream

been doing a lot of this ever since fuckhead stole my bike which had my map attached.

these will make more sense in a few weeks

these will not