shultz yermom

here's the last lightyear's worth of plics.

justin hayden plus three german dude friends came to stay for a few days. was excellent

our apartment is meant for 2 not 6 so there were plenty rock paper scissor tournaments for top spots to sleep.

hayden has swine flu. amazing shit comes out of his face.

severin went fishing

justin poked jellies

very rare applesause

rune is amazing at everything all the time

zee germans leaving and crying


severin hid chocolates all over the apartment and i'm still finding them.

rand break.

swedish sexpress bus
during the trip we played animal alphabet. one of hayden's words was phantom.

you buy me this

hayden and i share this girl

eated. gabby made this

swedish street bj

me in a thing

hayden died

i died

tops art and design school

we got sloppy this night

ate brekkast with some duckies

justin is in my top 5 favourite dance partners. we flail hair good

sweden is nice

i'm mildly wiped. legs are totally fucked after 9 hours of scrunch. first night being able to sprawl out my shit without punching a boy by accident. packing starts tomorrow. toronto on wednesday round dinner time. who wants to chill? and by chill i mean get wasted?

p.s. i tried snooze and it was m.c.hammer gross.