i love you

Based on a true story.
The day my butt went psycho.
Strange butt true, an epic tale of one brave boy and his crazy runaway butt.
Can Zack save the earth from butts gone berserk?
Can he defeat the biggest, ugliest, meanest butt the world has even seen?
More importantly, will Zack and his butt ever find true happiness?
It's an adventure you and your butt will never forget.


p.s. thanks C. Heller:

worth press

ryguy sent me this

i'm trying to build up the strength to go see my grandma next door. then buy milk.
something isn't right, some things aren't right

grandma says peter and i have the best eyeballs in the whole family
i'm not the only one who bought milk. now we have 9 bags. no one needs that much milk fuck. dump it in bucketbath and drown. 

i've lost touch. audio's profound effect has a choke hold really. visuals, if anything, just provide a sour taste. alcohol too, i would put money on 50% of my recent memories being thick with shitfog. triggs is onto something. watching heart felt efforts mocked by shitheads, receiving surface efforts, forgetting all other efforts. offering very little, taking very little. don't read too much into this, i imagine it's only beneficial for ola, as i've lost touch with her too. 


those aren't feathers it's a dead chinchilla

spent a large part of the evening in the metal shop last night dicking around. someone had scrapped a wicked nice old white raleigh frame, was too small but i snagged the shimano derailleurs. then sliced the thing up with danielle. she made me an amazing copper axe pendant which is now part of my gypsy tear-sack entourage. also j-tits gave me an amazing screenprint he did of my halloween close-up. i love friends. 

nate recommended i look into a little show called Superjail, which is now my favourite show:

my camera ate shit and was a cunt all week so nothing from the last few days, but here are plics from last saturday, cutmr then sterling. danish girls are the best. notice steve as always. dd/mm/yyyy was amazing. tomorrow morning i'm gonna kick a ball around by the water. 




i think i made this point a few weeks ago but i'd like to reiterate: i fucking love it when friends recommend i look/listen/do/whatever because "you'll love this". not only does it supply me with wicked shit (when they're not wrong), but it reminds me that no matter how mangled in the head i think i am, friends get it, and are excited about it. foggy these days with who i love and who i don't, i've got 8million friends, many of which i'm thickly sucked towards, but still worry about what my own imprint on friendship is. then when i'm offered "you'll love this", then do love this, i love you too.

p.s. sarain and i are gonna try to hook up some tickeys for Mosdoom this wednesday. if any a yall wanna join in on the fun and/or wish us luck, throw them balls to the wall

p.p.s. both of the above videos make me teary-eyed 


prison tattoos $5+life advice or a magnum no advice

p.s. eagle force falcon just told me i'm one of the rare people that doesn't need to put a face on. then i blushed and hung up on her

i've been getting a shit-ton of nosebleeds. i imagine it's recovery from how fucked up my inside face has been the last two months, and the nips air. below my face are pictures from nate's russian tattoo book which he showed me in sequential narrative on wednesday. that class is too fucking sick, i'll post my roughs once i dig em out of dirtfanny. p.s. i officially have zero out of five eyeballs left. it's a pissoff except each one was lost on really worthy evenings, so i'm over it. THINGS IS GREAT

wednesday night goes down as one of the funnest shits since a while. justin and i wandered to sissel's where marie and naja are staying, friendly danish biddies whom i had the backwards pleasure of spending Roskilde with last summer. had drinks then went to silver dildo as always. excellent crowd was there. couple a rounds of pool which i bunked hard...except for two sick shots. kingsmill told good jail stories. last call rolled around no one wanted to go home sos we trecked to dunbat had a massive slop hockey session on the rink. i mangled my body so fucking hard, i'll post a picture of my bruises once they turn purple. japples i wish you'd stuck around for that shit...was sooooooo giddy. here are plics. no back peddling. i can't figure out why this paragraph is a link...cause it shouldn't be. stop clicking on it. 

steve got passed around. no one broke him which was a first. precious little monkeyfuck


kindly paraphrase everything

my slingshot is gonna be too sick

potempkin induced bonerz

above is japple's doing.
below is thorough notes




"there's nothing i haven't smoked, there's nothing that hasn't smoked me"

here are plics. saturday saw west end posse which hadn't happened in forever. last night hit the tracks with sarain for the first time in probably a year. they've spread eagle cause of construction and everything looks different. backtracking is good for ye. missed class this morning for various ass reasons. i'm starting shit off mangled it seems.


shit ton from five continenents

experiment #1


blood kool-aids

backwards mood makes for backwards activities. i.e. sitting on my ass two days straight eating dry noodles n' reminiscing about being able to pick my own fucking nose. anyways, did some catching up on blogs i hadn't peeped in a while, here's some bullshit from mishka, then quality nibbs from boom. this best not last longer than a few hours from now, i'm only productive when i'm hyper as fuck.

brendan danielsson:

tristram lansdowne:

viviane sassen:

some shit:

p.s. here's more cause why the fuck not

Black Mold: Metal Spiderwebs from Flemish Eye on Vimeo.


i may or may not have turned into a raging asshole