i'm a rebel without a cause do you speak english?

whipped my shoe at the back of sevy's head from wicked far away. ripped a banister out of the ground which was grossly unappreciated. stole a bellpepper n' ate it. solo sand castle.


hate attack hate attack hate attack hate attack hate attack hate attacl atsihhatet atytack hate attack hate attack hate attack hatc ahhate ate attack hate attack hate attack ahs hate ttat

severin wants me to thank him for showing me "good music" even though he is a retaard


your little feet working the machine

i've been listening to empire ants nonstop it gives me goosetits you know the ones. yesterday severin and i arrived in Sopot and his family is stupid amazing i had an internal moment during dinner#2 when his mum's bf spoke german while looking at me and it made understanding things 12fold easier. i am feeling pretty fucking ghey


fucking sartre

Oh happy peach day. boating made Severin and I stupid happy. last few days have been wicked. met up with Dan we impulsively made stencils and painted and drank around town all day. While with him bumped into Thoem which gave me a heart attack. played with Thoem plus school chums last night. this morning bought some broken shit at flea market, Severin bought a fat bag of half-crappy cherries and I laughed a lot about it. Berlin is A+ I would like to come back here in August. Tomorrow at the crack o' dawn Severin and I will hop on a bus and try not to kill each-other for 8 hours on the jig to Gdańsk. many days after that I will go to Warsawa, then Kraków, then perhaps Świątkowa Wielka. I've got a lot riding on this polska party i really hope it doesn't come round to bite me in my ass.

I've been horking up weird green shit


here is this



it's hard to swim and laugh at the same time bubbles is now peeling zkin we're going sailing today


anus crimes

my sunburn is so very nasty. i've got blisters covering my right shoulder, right upper boob, and partial left upper boob. severin's eyes get queezy when he looks at my sunburn. look closely maybe you can spot em eh? on a lighter note, said blisters are fun to pop. on an even lighter note, we biked/skated wicked south today and wandered a bunch and i ate icecream like twelve times and fresh fish and Tempelhof SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING WICKED. i've always fantasized about being strapped to a landing strip and mangladeshed by a boeing and today my dreams came true.

running water

visited the Universität der Künste yesterday which set my dreams solid nows all i gotta do is convince them that i'm a genius musician and don't need to speak german in order to rock two years with a can-do attitude. here is a-train plus doily.


i didn't take any of these. they are mostly from beijing, one from roskilde. guess which one retard. berlin is glorious.



chicken fried chicken

this morning severin got a message from his friend saying go to the Converse store cause they're giving away free tickets to Melt Festival which is this weekend like a half hour south/west of Berlin. We won the tickets after barely making it on time and sweating balls. the line-up is sick and the jig hovers around 20,000 instead of 100,000 like Roskilde. PLUS IT'S IN AN OPENAIR MUSEUM THERE ARE FUCKING MASSIVE 30 METER HIGH MACHINES EVERYWHERE. SEE?!?!?!?!?!?! also here is more bullshit. p.s. just farted on severin

nø i will not awaken my spiritual potential

at this speed i will o.d on Dietz Bananen-Nektar

The Beast Pageant - Trailer from Albert Birney on Vimeo.


i'm a different person once i've been drinking offended that bloodspot doesn't recognize me someone comment

i can't find my keys they're probably in narnia

David Lynch lecture in Berlin turns into chaos from Raja Lynch on Vimeo.

reckon yall have seen this by now but it's worthy of countless views

i'm in berlin severin's apartment is tops good smoking ledge. was just smoking and staring at a really wet bunch of bushes and had a very minor acid flashback and got sucked into the bush that really wet in a bush full of weird insects and slugs. yesterday i was asked why i have a caboose on my pinky and spilled real for the first time is prolly why i'm feeling acid. i've got fear about leaving the apartment. today is not a complete sweatmeet

film planning is going staggeringly well. also i had a dream last night about chain smoking while my mom poured her heart out to me

i miss sissel


back onto tits

i am sussing out film ideas i will run them by you once they're more concrete to see what you think i'll prolly keep them to myself till they're halfway through production though

i'm done with this constant barnacle mashup man. in september justin and i will move to montreal i will buy a camera and will make films and justin and i will make music and play shows

p.s. i told you assholes it would rain today.


i don't feel like looking at boobs anymore

japples has a beard

p.s. what a bunch of moot points what just happened meow

i just paid my very first credit card bill

i am sofucking sweaty it is so hot and will be hotter tomorrow and the day after internet tells me it's 37degrees in berlin


oh yeah
what am i doing


fruit is productively that death

played at rune's studio a bit and got drunk early. visited julie and carolina at the danish design centre, they have cool shit there. watched the game at ørsted ølbar and met james, then piet and therese. this morning we ate eggs benedict at Dyrehaven. it's prolly in my top 10 favourite dishes. tim has invited me over for dumpster dinner later. my stomach isn't used to all this food. going to berlin on monday. planning poland. i am really happy. except about my camera, that is bullshit

p.s. serious:


my camera no longer takes photos


p.s. forgot about thus


what the fuck

not having a screen on my camera is balls and results in pretty junk photography no judging

here is sissel two minutes after moving into my room.

here is elliot's courtyard bench

here is elliot getting rid of hickups after we burned off most of our skin sitting in front of a fucking raging sankt hans fire

here is elliot being productive

here is a child being productive

here is another raging fire we ate tasty hotdogs from it

here is elliot getting ready to climb into said window

here is a new friend frank lukas with eyepatch taking piss

this is drinks

this is tall peter and that guy being hammered at cph pro after a lot of dancing

this is elliot and thomas pissing in a sausage afterwards

this is thomas looking nice. then we ate brunch in the sun

these are my feet on the way to roskilde

this is elliot suncreening remi

here is elliot looking nice while mathias runs over to see rune having a nice time in the sexy girl box where they whisper shit at you

here is our camp, Pebbles and Friends. there were several book-club meetings involved which were top notch. elliot read from nick cave's first book. was nice

here's some shit gwanon at the skatepark.

i think this is when elliot finally found socks but i am not sure. looks nice


remi watching kiddies run by right quick

more sunscreening

dunno, orange stage

from across the poond,


that was straight fucked. i downloaded a yoga nidra audio collection from itunes u and set myself up for my first ever attempt at meditation and it was fucking terrifying. the woman's voice is so insanely soothing and stable and i was so concentrated on it that any time her pitch or speed altered slightly i got wicked tense. at one point she was talking about focussing on the space in front of your eyeballs and i was immediately pushing through a thick as shit crowd of people and all i wanted and needed to do was look behind me but she told me not to interact with the space and it was real scary then she was listing off things to envision in clusters of three and when she got to "red clouds" her voice did that fuckery thing again and i got so terrified then started preparing myself for when she'd start screaming which obviously never happened but it was happening in my head. she told me to concentrate on feeling heavy and i basically sunk down to the fiery pits of hell then she told me to concentrate on feeling light and i shot up into space where it was really cold and lonely anyways i didn't finish the fucking thing cause Skype beeped at me which scared the shit out of me as well but i'll try this again tomorrow with more ease now that i know it's not one of the exorcism youtube gags. i'm about to have a fucking heart attack

sorry to interrupt your rest but i'm a fucking retard etc.

today consisted of a shit ton of napping and watching Animal Farm animated 1954, Easy Alice, some Popeyes and some Japanese Graf doc and researching potential meditation styles and making friends with Pow. sissel lives in my room back home and it was nice to see her in it. it's raining a bit i wanna smoke out the window but dunno if Pow is cool with that yet. tomorrow i will roam the city in search of new sneaks and super glue maybe meet a few new soulmates.