it's 5:45 am in denmark but i am not in denmark i'm in canada so i went to change the time on my laptop and here in canada it's 11:45 pm therefore i just went back in time a bunch.


what is this, ice?

hasil adkins - i need your head

soft as frig

dethpain all morning. listening to Mezmerize for the first time since Hornby Island some five years ago. giving me wicked flashbacks of going fucking nuts with Erica. then going fucking nuts watching em live with Mars Volta with Marten. i reckon it's in my top 20 favourite albums of the last five years.

moving on. sissel dips today and will arrive most likely as i'm boarding my own plane back to canadarm. tonto won't be the same without you babycakes.

pretty friggin thirsty. here's a bunch of shit:

System of a Down - Cigaro

System of a Down - Question!

i'm sure i've posted this at least once in the past but eatdick cause it's amazing

p.s. here's me on my last day in euroslice:


depeche mode - i feel you

hot chip - one life stand

sade - never as good as the first time



abandoned shack party on the farthest tip of christiania another massive accidental reunion. ate a lot of glowstick. today will raid some flea markets. let's all have fun in the bum. elliot's room is straight farts. i'm giddy as fuck




the horrors. sea within a sea:

slayer. hell awaits:

danger mouse and sparklehorse. revenge (feat. wayne coyne):

dark night of the soul site is wicked. just gave the album another try and it's growing on me. reunited with Rune Xiulung Jakob and Emil which was supernice. tried to launch up set of shallow stairs and ended up in the hedge. ate a lot of hedge last night. i am extremely hungover and not sure what to do with myself


arto saari smoking bowels

i fucked up my knee good on my last night in berlin. zip-lined into a mouthful of sand too. we deep fried 5 potatoes worth of fries yesterday n' ate em with gigantic cheeseburgers and couldn't move for the rest of the day. so gave ourselves tattoos. the trip from berlin to cph was great, bunch of lightning n' wet ferry ride. listened to a fuck-ton of good music n' worked halfassedly. todat we'll make art n' fuckaround. t-minus a few days

elliot knows good internets:

eric yahnker fucking rad


vietnamese face balm fucked up my face

berlin blogpost # last. yesterday was another ridiculously ghey one. thoem myself and zee germans hung at Teufelsberg all day n' swam in a nudey pond. the top dome of the main listening tower is the trippiest thing i've sat in in maybe forever. every tiny little noise is amplified by a billion and bounces back at your head from every posible angle. delayed. fucking loud. the plics of it online don't do it justice as mine will but here's a winter one to tie you over. also this morning i bought a bunch of blue things. you'll get it when i come back and only deal with blue. tonight i will get shitfaced. germany has been stupid good to me.



i am nervous this morning.


date graped

confident contender for best roadtrip ever almost. popped over to szczecin n' swam off the nicest beach ever. granted i was shitfaced which helped the fly mood. built a rad sandpile. drove up into Bergen Auf Rugen (maybe) had myself a fancy blue drink. we parked the car between a wheat field and a corn field and wandered through it in complete darkness, i can't think of a time i've been so scared. spent hours in Jasmund National Park which has fucking massive chalk cliffs and chalky mud goo. scaled one of the sides then got wicked high in a tree. was high the whole time. and drunk. on the ride home backseat was knocked out and suddenly 7th wind happened when Shakira's africa song came on twice in a row. official sountrack northern germany roadtrip 2010. Tiny Thoem's Teeter Totter. also don't forget about BabyBook. last night was wicked fun too except james and i both drank way too much and died quick as a result of going balls to the wall nonstop for days. been listening to final fantasy and depeche mode all afternoon with intervals of writing amazing jingles with maxi. painting tonight. feeling mad nostalgic


todat's tidbits brought to you by short bangs

yesterday thoem and i wandered Kreuzberg gathering accoutrements for tattooing. accidentally wandered into a ramshackle petting zoo with goats ponies roosters. in the evening i tattooed a wicked pair of binoculars above his knee photos to come in 12 years. tomorrow road trip somewhere. also i just burst out crying during the standing ovation after a live recording of an episode of the simpsons on youtube. then i started thinking about how peculiar applause is.

also here's this:

The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'
That's what I said
The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
Or so I have read

My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
I'd like to sink her with my pink torpedo

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

I met her on Monday, 'twas my lucky bun day
You know what I mean
I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek day
You know what I mean

My love gun's loaded and she's in my sights
Big game is waiting there inside her tights, yeah

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about mud flaps, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
I'd like to sink her with my pink torpedo

Big bottom, big bottom
Talk about bum cakes, my girl's got 'em
Big bottom drive me out of my mind
How could I leave this behind?

-spinal tap


deep talking

as a result of last time. good times


wellies came in useful one half-time

mastodon is playing toronto september 18th
just rubbed salmon jizz in my hair accident right out the shower
i've been observing the differences in illustration styles within episodes of south park. i have a hunch that exhibit A for example is drawn by a different chap than the regular straight-on views that drown the show on the regular. limbs n' facial features are always more life-like in angle shots plus line work. also i watched heavy metal for the billiunth time. i once again have fear of leaving the apartment. i'm drunk now though so will go use a payphone to return 12 messages. at least the fear isn't cuz i've got lack of friends. maybe it's because of my new pants. i ate more eggplant todat desert was same as last time


the left one points left

a few minutes ago i was in a kiosk buying a pack of smokes. when i opened my mouth to say danke, a bizarre high-pitched squawk snuck out of my face instead of regular voice. took a solid minute to get my voice back to regular. on the walk home i was worried about it



spooky voodoo shit's been gwan felt like watching hocus pocus this morning then "i put a spell on you" came on the radio next door. also after months of no contact with thahn i was thinking about how much i want him to send me some shit to track vocals over half a second later sent me a message "here's something you can track vocals over". there were two other notable incidents which i regrettably didn't note. been dumb hungover all day watched a bunch of bad movies, drew, n' wandered the internet. tried new ivory last night

Art vs Science / MAGIC FOUNTAIN - Official Music Video from Art vs Science on Vimeo.

Tobacco - Grape Aerosmith (feat. Beck) Official Video from Allen Cordell on Vimeo.

this video n'song give me super nice heebiejeebies due in part to repetition and standard flats but there's something about the weird spins in what reminds me of that tacky sad titty bar flic along with spacey gothic whatevs n' clay skin. real nut squirt


honeymoon on the moon so what so what so what so what

sun ra - kingdom of thunder:


i just o.d.eed on eggplant a.k.a. baklazan. dinner was it plus a litre of tomato juice. second course is camels plus gin n' appleshaft. today was fucking topnotch. pocketed an A+ pair of boots, bunch of cameras and paint caps n' markers which are for fuck sakes half the price they are in canadarm, and a nice presie for lewis. made more french dude friends. i feel drunk but it's just the dark kitchen gassed out with eggplant. i'm weirded out but ghey

when i'm in toronto i rarely listen to music on my own time when out the house due to cycling. when i'm away i listen to a shit-ton. this morning i came to terms with the fack way i go about doing this which is to hover around three albums on constant repeat for about five days then never wanna listen to em again, move on to a new batch. i tried a less backwards approach over the last few weeks by integrating new and old-ish but all i wanna fucking do is listen to them three over and over and over. pro is that it sets up for those nice flashbacks months/years later. con is that it's fucking dumb.

p.p.s. i'm down from too many socks to two pairs of socks due to sock loss and/or soaked in puke. issokay though cause i managed to get hammered in the last 20 minutes. foff

my son, my son, what have ye dundoing blinking pigs




all this crying is making me stupid happy

i miss bartosz

in memory of Orest calling me a witch

watched this on the creepy night train from warsaw to berlin last night. then i fell asleep, had nightmares, and burst awake right when the train was about to leave my station at 1am. but then everything turned out nice.


i found the hood my mums grew up in which i haven't been in since I was 6. my grandad worked a shit-ton of land there as a result of all his siblings being booted out of Swiatkowa Wielka, now it's my uncle Janek's, soon to be my cousin Piotrek's. their home turf used to be a farm, now it's a bed n' brekky type deal plus fishing. Piotrek picked Orest and I up from the bus station and we almost died three times on the drive to their place cause his driving is fucking backwards. arrived and got a stern handshake from my uncle then saw my aunt Grazyna who burst out crying which immediately made me cry, then saw Asia and her two year old daughter Natalia and cried harder. there was obviously a mountain of food ready so we ate, then i was told my grandma was making her very slow way down from her place to the restaurant and i ran up to her and cried more and she lightly kissed my neck and my heart basically exploded. i had no idea i cared. Janek walked us up the side mountain which is used as a ski hill in the winter, then Asia and I went to the cemetery where my grandpa and sister are buried. then we went to the school my mum went to as a kid and my head exploded again. at night everyone including myself got right hammered and laughed and cried. every time my aunt and i looked at each-other we'd cry. my uncle loves me a lot. he wanted me to sit beside him all the time and i continuously caught him staring at me from the corner of my eye. i remind him a lot of my mum. he walked Orest and I home late and there were more stars out than sky and again i had a heart attack. the next morning we all ate brekky together and my uncle drove us around explaining which land is his to watch and funny stories about this n' that. none of my family speak much english so Orest was official translator and photographer the whole time. i spent most of the rest of the day with my grandmother who gave me an old coat and a pillow both of which my mum had once rejected. she too told a lot of insanely good stories including partisans and grandpa being a genius and secret treasures and funny farm animal mishaps resulting in a lot of blood. she's angry at life that i don't speak polish. saying bye to her was heavy as fuck. i wanted to stare at her forever. she's so much like my mum the way they move, facial expressions laughing the whole shabang. it was Asia's birthday that day so there was a nice hefty party at night and again we all got wicked drunk. had a solid debate with Asia's husband about sexism and film school. the whole time i was there they were all trying to convince me to go to the film school in Łódź instead of UdK in Berlin which i'm very much considering now. left a drunk message on my mum's answering machine. left at 4 in the morning and everyone woke up to say bye and cried again and cried some more at the bus station and more heart attacks. that totally fucked me up in the most amazing way i could never put into words. i'm so stupid happy and sad at the same time and all explodey.