righty tighty

that's that going to film school fuck it. on my first day of classes i'll slow-mo sprint toward whichever institution will have me flinging my lunchbox around drooling with joy - to this song:

this past week was too fun. gimme a shit-ton of euros.


got your fill from that little jump break test last week didya but ye haven't seen the last of Cutless Supreme. Troy n' I have been working on three videos to be shot this weekend and holy motherless fuck does it feel amazing to be stressed and constrained by time and running around all day chain smoking. here are a few plics of searching for props, costumes, n' sets. 

also i had a gnarly dream last night where i got a job at an architecture firm and on my first day walked into my new office to find a small east indian family feeding the middle aged - mentally handicapped child a tub of steroid injected chocolate ice-cream. then it was time for his bath, before-which he turned into a small white ferret. while in the bath his mother poured a cup of lemon juice on his head which burned his eyes (duh) resulting in a violent tantrum. he bolted around the room crashing into everything eventually cracking his little skull open on a table leg. i undoubtedly got this dream after reading that bunny killing story that Barry posted. both were really bloody. THEEND




zen and the art of paddling

my favourite bit about last night was when Elliot listed off like all 30 bands we saw at Roskilde while me being unable to relay a single one.


incubation coordinator

still on the up n' up, every day is a little more ghey :). this week holds a lot of good parties, my health is tops

thanks elliot:

Yol Aularong - Jeas Cyclo "Riding a Cyclo"

Big Black - The model

Chnam Oun 16 - Ros Sereysothea


via sevvy



prancer in the dork

BEST bonfire log fort farty two nights ago with a-tain, shnelson, heimes n' ollie. high as the sky. i laughed heartily during 95% of it. that sparkler up a bottle pet bit really stuck with me. especially arriving home later high on sparklers. life is back on track. MTL with the twins this weekend. this doesn't quite fit with the amazing mood i'm in, but just try not to cry during the following themer:



spaceghetto really gets me

today's first page had theremin playing a diddy, the sounds of animals fighting, wanda jackson, bee girls, labyrinth, videodrome gif, boobs, etc etc etc etc things i love. kindly don't go there if you're wrong side with dead animals and nudies. sometimes dead nudies



gimme yer adapter

well i dunno what day it is cause F12 dipped but i reckon it's been at least a week since my meltdown. since then had an awesome chat with jizzrag who's off in tofino, aaaand a bunch of other nice times. bartek has been A+ on the macbook help train. been having bananas dreams nonstop which is good cause i've been sleeping a lot but am still not a fan of wasting time. my dad talked me down from a ledge, sometimes i forget how amazing parents are at that. then i remember that two of my three are psychiatrists, the other is 100% angel pie. hallowe'en was rad even though my costume was a sloppy mess. i'm borrowing a 2010 macbook pro and hooooly shit is it nice to lay in bed with a computer again fuuuuuuuuuuck. i've become one of those assholes that can't fall asleep without some kind of audio visual stimulation, unless drunk, so was listening to CDs all week through headphones connected to the stereo on the other side of my room in order to fall asleep. not only does it SUCK to sleep with headphones on, i sharted my remote so couldn't control anything, had to listen to mediocre highschool mixes cause who the fuck uses CDs anymore, and tripped over my cord 3 times while shuffling back from the bathroom. p.s. along with my laptop, my camera, ipod, and soon to be phone are also all fucked up their butts. p.p.s. i laughingly invented both of the following ideas before they were born.

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