here is my first night in berlin. severin picked me up from the bus station and we ate a lot and i chain smoked while staring at his free-living ballsack. i spotted said ballsack on several occasions but never mentioned anything because why would i?

this is the one and only time i ever really pissed severin off. i got shitfaced and wanted to climb every bike in some hood-suck part of town. sevy feared for our lives and i don't remember much

here's him drop-kicking my face

another bike

he looks chipper in this photo but it's forced

did a fuck-ton of doodling in this city holy shit.

one day i bumped into Thoem (left) who was on exchange. i barely knew thoem but we proceeded to spend the rest of our summer trolloping about having gheytimes. and eric

thoem bought a wicked cool book for some youngen in his family

one day we searched for tattooing accouterments and found ourselves in an art supply shop that had a pigment wall and we snorted all of it and got fucky

spot the Lewis. also, thoem's tight ass

i tattoo'd a pair of binoculars on his knee. good horse-face photo

this is a shot from the best roadtrip of all time. geoff, eric, thoem and ola.


ferry. i was drunk by this juncture

this was our slumber party spot. all my night photos didn't turn out but we basically ran through corn and wheat fields scaring the fuck out of each other. one of the only times in my life that i was terrified.

sand cliffs in that national part on the northern coast of germany.

back at sevy's. this is the rotisserie chicken joint just outside his apartment. we ate a lot of chicken and it was good

Melt festival. it was really hot and there was no shade anywhere so we drank and had a quickie nap between some cars. a lot of swimming happened too and i got the gnarliest sunburn of my life and to this day the top of my right tit is gross

i'm hoping this is health because it was my favourite show of the festival

i don't remember this

inside bar25.

outside bar25

one of the many Blu pieces in the city

tempelhof - fatass abandoned airport. sev and i rode around it and got sweaty and then he told me a bunch of secrets

my bumbum

severin's bumbum

julian's uncle took the three of us out one day and it was too good.

severin's hawt bod

this is the day that Dan and i wandered all day drinking and painting and getting into trouble. none of the shots of our work in kunsthaus tacheles turned out but it's the thought that counts.

teufelsberg. another ridiculously great day

swam after

tony thoemy twinkletits

spot said tits

spot the sahks

i think this is the night we zip-lined for too long and i ate sand

probably the ferry ride back to copenhagen.



here are some photos from this past summer's danish bits. for some stupid fucking reason elliot and i couldn't get our hands on disposables before Roskilde so there are none from that. here.

i reckon this was one of denelle's first nights in cph. her n' elliot arrived with bags of carrots n' chocolate cake cause the dumpster was fruitful that night. erik. what's-his-face was dooping off to deutschland. some drinks

piet n' james in that park. love you piet. don't know you very well james.

family dindin. johannes and tim eyeball all food but their own.

family stare-down. rune's majestic mug

some night

erik being cool

erik being naht cool

that spot by the bus station

that dong time at bakken. this was a really good night

jakob. spot the awøl

erik n' Re´mi




timfood holy fuck i love you tim fuck

bodega. i think this was the first bit of my last night

then fooze

then kristian?

then a launch

then elliot launches

in the matrix


the time we deep fried a sack of potatoes n' a bunch of onions and i felt sick for a long time

more voodoo matrix. this is probably at Rune's studio when we all drew a bunch. i'm gonna go hurl then slash shins at campbell park. has yourself a gheydhey weekend