there is to be no deviation from the plan

A-train and I went to see Sissel and Mike on Friday after my AMAZING court date. got high on the walk up Roncy and found a keyboard with just keys, dragged it good. dude from European Shoe Bootique gave us a tour of the newly reorganized spot. he's got some cool shit and some not so cool shit. had fun at mike's then whipped snowballs at a wooden chimey thing which as a result wrapped itself around a branch. adam fixed it good

had a HILARIOUS day with Elliot yesterday. met him after work n' we quenched our initial thirst on the roof of the Bovine. tried playing my new jaw harp and it whipped my teeth and elliot sucked too. then we walked to ferry drinking on the way. gave a brown-clad dude a sub. barfed in my mouth at the New Era store and Elliot walked into the cloud. to the cloud. at the ferry ternimal we bumped into Jared who then walked with us to Gibralter Jigg which was fun. elliot and i were undoubtedly too drunk for the event which was awesome. he took his first ever friend shit. snow angels. some of the videos were topnotch, one of which showcased some Mario Kart sound effects which Elliot then mimicked on the whole shuttlebusride back to the ferry. also we fell a lot. he gave me a shopping cart ride up whats-it. then we made friends with street Ronnie who promised Elliot a tattoo and smoked us on a joint. carry on. elliot tried to bunny hop up a huge cement block and ate massive shit cause he doesn't understand the physics of it. funny streetcar ride, new friend told us we reeked of booze. makes sense since we shared a full three litres of wine much of which ended up on my bib.

i just threw up after watching a lunatic plow through a Brazilian Critical Mass with his car.



i am very much not looking forward to my day tomorrow holy mother of god

first good thing i've seen today
thanks lisa

second good thing i've seen today:
thanks david



gribble here gave me a license

this friday i'm going to court to fight the heaping pile of bullshit that was this past summer's verbal altercation with Constable P. Pignatelli. dickoff tossed me tickets for both not having a bike "horn" and a light which as you know very well, I never leave my house without. If this goes sour I'm will lose it.

adam and i had a solid lunch just meow consisting of beer and sunburn.

p.p.s. we had a tattoo party on the weekend. i was almost convinced to get two big eyeballs tatted on my titties. instead i went a propper route:
also jesse got a fart, zakyya a heart, elliot an eyeball, then we spat wine at each other and i kicked him into the fridge

thanks ryguy:

thanks jeimes


elite athlete - those seconds you can live in space before dying from João de Almeida on Vimeo.

winds over neo-tokyo


mammary lane

my aunt sent me this


exodus from the underground fortress

had a funnight skating then chilling in a playstructure. shnelson surprised me with a gladstone t-shirt and a copy of the Akira soundtrack which i'm listening to right now on the verge of tears cause it's too good. while talking to elliot about being unsure of whether to travel or spend the money making a film this summer, he tossed the prematurely forgotten idea of documenting his month-long currency-abandonment-across-europe experiment. it's retarded how good an idea that is. now i'm looking into what camera to bhey . also i have a pounding headache and am trying to watch twin peaks


mary antoi-not

rode the bianchi to work. at bathurst and queen a pigeon shat on me sos i looked up and it started hailing. bootiful. i got to ocad in half the time and while smoking/basking in the glory another quickie hail splooged. that hot dude smoked with me.

i just replaced my first richoh toner cartridge all on my own. the old one exploded on my arm and gave me a nice tan

"And to play you out, here’s a dorky rap about Twin Peaks:"


mundhey buttflap

fantomas - the godfather

watched Enter the Void with Elliot n' Denelle yesterday. twas excellent
I'm torn between fucking off round the world this summer vs. buckling down and spending 4 months and my new cashflow on a film. or both. i just did something really awesome in here


payroll assholes can go fuckemselves

the kills - satellite

fantomas - investigation of a citizen above suspicion

mornin. had a super solid week. handful of new music videos in the works for this and next month. finally wrapping up what i'm calling the last freelance graphic design gig of my life maybe. printshop is nice and is starting to feel like a personal studio with occasional new friends. some of which very attractive. the second i get a new pooter i'm writing n' recording a full album and troy n' i then thanh n' i will make music pooteeos. happy friday i am happy

p.s. i wish most of you would shhhhutit about your significant others.


i is tired


petey n' me


DISTANT RELATIVES "Patience" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

harlequin everything

one time david hanes made the following happen and it was fucking great and painful

this is a picture of my new mountain bike


some fun canadarm times

some trip to montreal

some billiards match with g-spot n' what's-his-face

elliot man handling my bik

forgotten peekaboo

zo and friends

adam at soph's

adam at cat's

jeremy with wet eyeballs


that beach day in fucking october or something ridiculous

make-shift dolly. david's shoot