tomorrow morning i'm taking a train to krakow to meet up with my ma then baptize my baby. i'm in the process of sewing her name - which is urszula - onto a yellow bib wif a wittew bumbewbee on it. then ma and i will party in Wroclaw where I was born. maybe we'll get tats. after thuh polska party i'm gonna dip over to reykjavik for a while. blaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhblaaaaaaaaaahblaaaaah khet is sniffing my foot. oh yeah we went swimming the other day with zee germans. was real nice i saw butts. also elliot shaved his head. you will not hear from me for a while cause they don't have pooters in Swiatkowa, only fishing. peas


i am rotting

touched base with a-train. miss you kooks.




the hut of sluts butt butt butt

shit is weird. spent the day vomiting and feeling like my limbs were 3 times their normal weight. in berlin. yesterday was good, today no good. also i'm homesick. mostly for sitting on pa's couch with nikkles axel n' pepo. had another dream about peter going crazy. overwhelming. there's usually a time during travels where i find myself in a rut asking what the fuck am i doing here and i'm pretty sure this is that.


elliot and i are riding our bikes from copenhagen to berlin leaving tomorrow, reckon it'll take 4 days. the end



a eggy

oh hai
it's a bit daunting pouncing back on balls cause i figured when the time came i should make an AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING post but instead i'm gonna do a pretty mediocre one yeah? good yeah.

so Toilet and i spent our first few days in London. that was good, he has some nice relatives there. the only day we went into the city though was also the day we weren't really speaking to eachother and it's a bit tricky to have fun in the sun in that case. by the end of the day though we were both drunk him shaving shit into my head just like friends do. next we went to amsterdam via the most amazing ferry ride of all time. fuck did i already tell you about this shit? yeah maybe anyways boat of dreams. amsterdam was great. severin let us slumberparty in his room which got funny when both Til and Maxi joined in. Maxi is hysterical as always and made me die lauging when he showed us the films he's been making. He's agreed to let us include some in our film. anyways magical friend times super nice then we took a fucking 84 hour bus shit to Copenhagen during which time Elliot was cavity searched and i broke my knees. denmark has been real nice we're staying in tim's room cause he's off prodding fishies. we have bikes and love them and cycling in general and watch bike films and have boners for bikes nonstop all the time. Roskilde was total crap this year but Mastodon and OFWGKTA were amazing. and we found a quarry to bathe in and splash about gayly which made hate attacks bearable. i cried twice due to not being able to sleep. now we're back and planning our next splooge which is to ride bikes to Berlin. then Poland then Iceland then Holland then home. I checked my e-mails after a long time of not doing so and found a lot of rad shit in there:

i'm completely out of the innernet loop so thanks julie, heimes and davey for not letting me become that shitty baby who doesn't know how to use an online thesaurus.