the last thing i want my babyblog to become is a place for ranting but i've watched many a music video today and as usual find myself asking why are bands retarded a lot? i reckon it's hard to look tuff when yer a little guy with the cutest cheeks squishy squish face super cutie but it's a bummer when a perfectly o.k. song gets a chest dump worth of toilet acting and pornstar cameo. and a "band realizes they're late for gig and have to bail on rock n' roll lifesteeze activities to reunite in slowmotion boyband dipey to save the evening"plot does not deserve half a minute of intro credits. why not make something cool instead. mc'nuggies.


most of my style and content ideas end in "like Akira"


harðfistur hahahahahahhaah

well. fuk
yesterday was deep. lisa n´ i had the gayest time in the blue lagoon. silica goo mask n´inhaled some drinks n´splashed aboot. it was culture day in iceland sos everyone gets rip roaring drunk. like the drunkest people i have ever seen drunk. broke up two maybe rapes, hauled an old man off the road after watching him eat shit head first. i threw up duh. Þórður and i danced a bunch and drank a bunch n´ had a debate about whether or not the song playing at the party was the Beverly Hills Cop theme song. i made new friends Patrice thuh engineer from Quebec City who spends 4 weeks here then 4 weeks there back and forth forever. something Olafson is a pothead who also follows reddit and wants to move to canada cause of the weed. Anton is a jolly cheerios supporting slap who´s 'chief crazymoves' according to his chums, which i can backup his dancing was better than everyones. Viktor and something are 17 year old metalheads who smoked me on a joint at 4am we mostly talked about bands and star trek. dudes during the last leg were an excellent cherry cause i had just walked through that bunny underpass, where last night i counted 67 bunnies, popped out to ask them which direction i was facing when they told me there´s a pissed farmer who aims a rifle at anyone who fucks with the bunnies. today as a final hurrah i had my meeting with Steven and plan is basically in the bag couldn´t be happier. halfway through i sniffed my wrist which sniffed of piss. he reckons the first go will start in the spring, just when i´´m wrapping up my jobbins. then back here i come. anyways walking along highways is awesome, there´s weed, there´s fucking weird shit everywhere and making friends is almost too easy. my eyes are constantly wet with giddiness or sadness i don´t know what the fuck this is what the fuck. i leave tomorrow at 8am. gunna rubdown toilet. hamsterdam here i cram.

i don´t want toronto back fuck


ate a whole bag of dried banana bits today


the adventures are a good pop band

holy fuck
i´ve never felt so at home in an unknown place ever. today i put on my hat and walked south east to the Elliðavatn. found the stream that runs to it stayed tight n´found a weird brown beach and nice rocks and moss all with ominous n´evil black mountains in the background - one of which looks like it got it´s top sawed off. i´ve never had such clear thoughts ever. basically went over my whole life and ended with loads more confidence in what i wanna do next. which is live here. n make movies

i had a dream that joel died then called me said *JUST KIDDING!!!!!*
don´t die jorl


dear god
i really did a doody this time,
i thought i was smart by buying two hours of innernetz credit so i could do last minute research before flying off to vunderland and having posh coffee with Steven Meyers n' me I'll be all smart loads of research all crapped in my head. 20 miutes in i reckon i'm so hungry my tummy noisies are really bothering the polish students trying to study round my rear. remember that rancid chocolate soymilk i bought earlier? it too has added to the symphony that is my insides. and i can't leave the fucking computer cause i'll lose an hour and 40minutes of grade A blogsupport.
i'm pretty excited to start making stuff again. specially cause i hasn't made stuff in a while. first on the docket make a big doody.


some 1985 Chinese film called Yellow Earth i have never seen before. what if it sucks


had a super gheydhey. in the morning i bounced from my bed to my momma's old bed and back and forth and back and forth like a little bushbaby. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
then i bought yogourt and a cucumber. why you ask? hush now pet
then i had a bath
then i pressed "play" on my "ipod" and wandered to a hood of town that i hath not stepped toot into yet. p.s. i'm in Krakow. found an AMAAAAAAAAZING used book shop most of what hath lies english books. bought huxley's island (toilet is this what you're dragging around or have a had a backward flashback from some other something i started reading within the past few months....ssplain yourself), Star Trek vendetta, and Blue Movie by Terry Southern. i'm sofucking book crazy dees dheys i'm hauling ass 50 extra pounds of book in my packsack. OH FUCK I GOT THE WICKEDEST POSTER THEN. i can't find an image of it right meow just chillout i show you later.

my ma is gonna call me at 8. it's a dheyte

i am leaving kraks at good time it's gonna rain urry day for the next 5 days
reykjavik forecast is cold. weird


kupy kupy kupy kupy

lyfe is a funny spice
my ma n' me dookied all over poland for the past sumodd weeks. was very pleased to find out we are comfortable enough with eachother to cram at least 5 fart jokes into each day. i kept a diary the whole time but is pretty ghey i'm sure you don't give a fuck. lots of fiats the end. found out i have very little ukrainien in me and more mish-mash mystery mountain people. thus why i am tall plus dark hair, naht tiny and blonde elf. i am terrified of landing back in canada.
the girl with the poopoo tattoo refers to "jail" as "gaol" i wonder if it's a different term or if the translater is as fucky dumb as i expect he is considerring the rest of the translating job he did. i don't want to look into it in fear of being wrong cause then who's the asshole. i just looked into it and it's legit

i'm in a computer lab in the student dorm my parents met and most likely conceived me.

if i'm ever asked to pose for a fashion blog ever again - which i doubt considdering my new lifesteeze of padded cycling shorts - i will vapors and gtfo. why can't people be nice and funny instead of embarassing their parents

i am unable to post the plics i want due to my make-shift polish pooter circumstances so i will regress to poetry instead:

fiat fiat fiat fiat fiat fiat fiat fiat
various nip slips
hipster dick
pooter pooter pooter

my uncle sasha played this song in the car and i really liked it sos i found it googles "break yer arms like a child" i pictured a dude singing it and wasn't pleased to find a woman.

i chose the followubg by elimiation of host charm

i quit smoking two and a half weeks ago and just effed myself. will try again tomorrow. wuv you