"it's worth it"

"along with"
a poem by ola

along with making my nose bleed when picking said nose,
long nails also makes playing raunchy jazz keyboard really fucked

oh i have sinusitis

René has been listening to Lamb of God all day thanks to me. thanks, me

Egg Farts, by Horse Fart

cheese metal

dresden metal

climbing wall after sloppy Birds In Row

i laughed hardest at this

rémi's place of work

best and weirdest zit i've ever popped

rémi at pizza date

beginning of sloppiest night this month

having a good time

jersey turnpike

me and iceland2

stefan jonesing


band breakfast


i have dandruff

i feel completely bonkers todat


lookin on the bright side,
a poem by ola

i do not want to leave germany, overall
overall though, i'm excited to get my overalls back



i just made sunflower seed brittle

i made that sculpture, see?

tis quite probable that i will once again live with Sir A-Tron Harris in Montreal this sum-sum. so many Canadians to squeeze


sweet sweet moimories


bangs update


"baby pictures, fohken A" - sissel

"I just love it when you show your forehead!" -Mum



been a while


severin severin severin sverininofinfinofdfoidfn

36 hours in Hamtown

sos i got to severin's at 7am on thursday after 10 hours of Fredrik Thordendal failing at drowning out my neighbour's snoring. napped for a bit then met him at skewl. twas open day at Sandberg, here are some masters students discussing how to slice pizza


one minutes. these were awesome

all the pizza talk resulted in us eating pizza. it calmed me down

arian and pizza

those fuckheads have a hamster named Mr. Hamster (it's a girl)

severin putting on his socks

severin and Korea (she was napping)

severin and the living room


i was pretty high at this point

i was REALLY high at this point. elephants don't grow hair like that

learned all aboot Warhammer. shopkeeps were cheeky and very informative

this was the climax of my weed fog. i stared and laughed for probably 10  minutes

here is where i took a pitstop to refresh and cary on


stumbled upon the fohkken most excellent bibliotheek



i flipped through a Dutch book about the tour de France for a long time and burst out laughing at this pissed off little boy. 


tripped balls all the way to the kunst and musik floor

i tried to remember how to read music and it worked for 3 seconds

virtual reality

delicious thai dindin. teaching severin new tricks. trying not to pass out in my soup

made a dutch pal named Django (no jokes) on the 10 hour bus ride home. we drank his 25 euro bottle of wine and pissed off most of the other passengers. also managed to smuggle weed back just like last time (eh elliot?) their dogs should try a little harder. 10/10 trip all round