houit' oder hgoit oder hoit oder hoight oder

sleeping nekki after a week of sleeping in jeans is like totally in right now
my german is fucking amazeballs

residents and melvins are coming to berlin
i see deathgrips today

this shit makes me so viciously horny:::

as i've mentioned before, i have an affinity towards listening to make-up tutorial playlists on youtube to get high. i get a physical reaction from the clicking shut of compacts and pops of opening and pumping mascara and quiet and sporadic mousy voices, they make my spine and loins tingle. it feels exactly like getting my hair brushed or the back of my neck tickled. it's the nicest. there seem to be a lot of ladies out there with the same esp. 
"Many years ago I worked at a grocery store as a cashier. When the "chip man" would come to restock the potato chips (rustling plastic bags), I would actually have to lean against my counter, as my knees got too weak to hold myself up. "

lastly, meine Seelenverwandte tells me my failed turban reminds him of this:

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