sorry i'm neglecting you sweet baby baby sweetheart. if it's any consolation, i just finished a 15 hour work day most of which was spent searching for fucking 2 1/4 flanges. i really just want my hair stroked as i slip into a coma for 4 hours then blitzkrieg all over myself again in the morning on a cute note, i've been making a lot of the best kind of music


Anonymous said...

Apology accepted. I'll forgive you just this once for neglecting me for so long, my sweet dear baby goku. This will officially be my last post and I'm a little sad to say goodbye to you & your ever so eccentric and charming baby bloggery.

Speaking of stroking, I have a playdate and my new part-time girlfriend wants to do some high quality stroking in my underwear.
(status: 3.5 weeks unwashed)

Okay. I'll be serious now. Since we kind of know each other, I'll open up and have a heart to heart with you Ola.

I'm really am starting fresh this time. I need to do more fulfilling and purposeful work and find myself. I want to make my mother proud. My design job is a hindrance in a way. I am better than that. Money is an illusion. All of my friends are gone, moved away to different cities or provinces. I am alone have got to adapt and change. I miss my old college and high school friends. Having drinks in the city at night. Disregard the corporate design world. Late night basement hangouts. Being dirty. Music. Girls. Alcohol. Fun. I need to recapture this.

I hope you keep going with your film. You are talented and somehow I have gotten to know you through your blog. You will be great someday, I just know it. You are fucking rad, Ola. Just keep going.



Awølla said...

please don't abandon me, j. i too feel like i've come to know you and really cherish your sense of humour and appreciate our parallel struggles. let's puss out of our ruts together.

i hope your new part-time girlfriend is as cheeky as you are. i too have found someone to share strokes with, we should both take these as signs of new beginnings. or "nü" beginnings.

fuck film all i wanna do is make music and all i'm doing with my spare time is making music.

come to montreal and say "hi" in real time.

i think i love you