DEAR SUPERDUPER GAY DIARY mother of fuck. discovering new bands is like crack. i was looking for a show to see on Thursday and had much too much energy to see Destroyer alone, so opted for Periphery and whoever they were bringing around with them. I'm not a huge Periphery fan but they're a sure joybet show-wise. AAAAAANYWAYS the bill included Twelve Foot Ninja who I'd never heard of before. The first song I listened to by em was the one in my last post. They have several singles oot and aboot which are all fohking tops. I got my hands on the album and listened to it nonstop all Thursday. my god. It's been a while. that one day of listening got me so retarded pumped for the show that night and fuck did they ever live up to what i was hoping for. so tight. every member is a member. I flipped out. so much so that I came to Ottawa yesterday to see them do it all over again. As what generally happens when I go apeshit at shows, did a reasonable amount of sobbing. see yall my babies in Germany.

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