A short story by Ola. Based on a true story.

Today I rode my bike to the hardware store and bought a hammer and then on the ride home I rode by a pile of garbage in which I found two perfectly good hammers sooop


Anonymous said...

Hi Ola. (a.k.a blanka)

I used to visit this blog back in 2013, when I made up 99.97235% of your blog viewership. How are you? I'm sorry I abandon you, I had to figure things out in isolation. Still friends? great. I'll only be back here once more time, so let's catch up.

Through your blog I see that you've expanded your Ginyu Force (google it) in Germany with your friends. Vhy Germany? I myself like zee Germans very much because they are mathematical and precise when it comes to calculating the most efficient route to the bar. How is your music going? Making music is like my poo, long and hard. Klausy the German sauerkraut man thinks so anyways. The smell is lethal.

My past 6 months: I was at work for 27.5 hours straight yesterday/today. Fuck. This 60 hr a week life is also not sustainable. Dakh and I went to the bar and a few women poured their drinks into ours, we hung out all night, woke up in the morn 3 bruises. We incurred $70 damages each. Brendan asked me to join a band with him, I declined, but if we moved forward I would call our band "Intelligent Retards". I wrote a song entitled "Read the retard, Reid the retard" which is a duality of meaning. On a more serious note, my new slogan is "Fuck y'aaaaaaaaaaaalllll, mag-lock-lan y'aaaaaaaallllll, stab-a-dee stab-a-daa" © (patent pending) is what I say when I go out of control. Yes, it will make ya bub-ubs bounce x10,000 into infinity. My focus these days is on creating work.

I can't believe you're still reading this. Okay, now for a serious paragraph. I have always been living within society, on the outside of it and therefore I have discovered for myself I must create my own path. Krishnamurti has helped my in sharpening the tool. I must continue to decondition and focus. Not to try. Live without effort. Enjoy the moment. Practice detachment. Not to emulate the set path, the status quo is all nonsense anyways. Such a shallow society focused on petty things such as money and conformity will not do.


Awølla said...


I love zee Germans. I found a real good one to make sweet sweet music with. we're working on an album that we'll record next month, it's gonna be sweet.

working 60 hours a week is obscene you should quit. or maybe you're saving up in order to fuckoff in which don't quit your dayjob hey.

your "Read the retard, Reid the retard" is a fantastic success. it pulls on my heartstrings cause i have a wonderful friend named Reid, I wonder if you're him.

i've been working on a new mantra: something along the lines of having to try new things in order to get to a new place. trying new things is slowly getting more terrifying as the years pass. embarrassment is a bit tricky. perhaps it's as futile as jealousy or perhaps i harness the power of Colgate. i have to go now I've had hives for 24 hours and it's making me livid gonna try an oatmeal splooge.

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