pet neutrality

maxi severin n' ola had the best playdate yesterday. first we ate one millions fishsandwiches, then drove to Rysum and played with sheeps, then i brought them to my favourite hangspot and we got sunburns and watched a doggy launch into the water after some duckies and eventually his owner had to hail down a passer-by-boat to help coax doggy back to shore cause he was soooOOOOO pooped (we all agreed this was better than watching TV), then we ate freshrolls n' all kinds of curry-erdnuss-kokos-sauce vietnamese, then we had drinks and cake at zee Einstein (Severin cried over the cake and then ate a 2nd piece of cake) and whooped ass at kicker, then we had a jungle gym race i won, then hugged and said byebye.

here is maxi contemplating eating a duck

here is severin contemplating eating a sheep

see yall at Hamsterdam Suck n' Blow reunion 2014 next month. Severin moved to Redlight. i hope we sleep in a pile

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