here's a painting of Tim and I Sailing The Seas of Pees, Nah?

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A Historical Analysis: Popular Culture and Existential Crisis

A critical analysis piece by J.

This deeply conceptual piece entitled "here's a painting of Tim and I Sailing The Seas of Pees, Nah?" was conceived during the early 2000's, somewhere between late 2013 and mid 2014 summer period. The human subject on the left represents a disenfranchised, pogs-playing man coming from Dollarama. The stiffness of his hair conveys the idea that he ran out of GOT2B and used his own jizz supply for hair gel. The looseness of his teeth can be played like a piano, from slippin' on hard liquor, decay has set in from 7 years O dunkin' (doughnuts) his sour keys into parmesean cheese (Kraft). The yellow piss-stained background signifies his optimism in life, and his ability to spark thoughts of Ginyu+Freiza plus Harvard scholars, and denotes the end of an era at the Bahnhof Zoo (Hardenbergplatz a.k.a master splinters lair). No liquified shit stains are present in the painting (thank you, Nike dry-fit). The female figure on the right casts her gaze upon him, with e-pluribis anxiety. He wears a round neck t-shirt, stolen from the Shwa, he rejects all notions of globalization (Urban Outfitters) and the piss stains now transform to create an aura around him, highlighting him, shining brightly, glowing like 89 ultra-violet weed bulbs rising from the background as he levitates to the enlightenment of stale rice-crispy snackeries to realize he is just in a laundomat.