moths too

it's like mothmom prophesies in here. or it's like mothman porpoises in here. or it's like mothballs propositus in here.

you know what else? i cannot emphasize how lovely it is to have a hoos, filled with bugs, live in it, get yerself all fixed up with a mojito some smokeables, and work on funwork, while feeling feelings.

you know what else? Tim and I hungout with Adrian Belew after the Oldenburg show on uuuh Monday and it was just lovely. truly a pleasure. had the best chats while concealing our shitting ourselves. I couldn't hold it so good though he ended up giving me his towel cause he knew otherwise we would have stolen stuff to memento the occasion which tim ended up doing anyways. anyways, look forward to us all hanging out in Tennessee one day after you n' Tony n' Tuggy play a giggy together hooooooooooee

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