today is day 6 of recording and shit is realler than real

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Anonymous said...

Tonight is party night, OKtay? I just cam from HH with Carola + Sara and IS a good Nightz. I Openz bar. I rel good one. I hope you nd tImmy johnson have a good time. in love. It almos midnigght. or *midnNIGHTZ of gemanzy ppl Kursterstauffen ) My girl real wet down stairs, she force me go down, OK taste liek lemonade, yum, more later. No, I'm not your friend reid, I'm someone else, a different breed of poo + diahrrreha color skin.

Yes, your s philosophical insight is healpful .As you say "tyr new tingsz, to get sonwwhere new" is brilliant beyong the the world. I try it ad hope to gain insights. PLese, I in another state of mind right now until I trANSform into regular self,. the real me.'