I've seen many good bands this week, most of which are from Toronto.

my favourite was seeing these guys last night. I was floored during the whole performance. good god

these guys last night too. super tight and super nice.

peeped Ken Aldcroft and pals last weekend and had an amazing night. I was the only person in the crowd, but the band was peached enough to play a full set anyways. i cried a little bit near the end

these kooks are french. lead singer is mesmerizing in person. at one point she hopped off stage into the crowd, facing the stage, started pacing backwards really slowly, then bent over backwards and peered into my soul with the creepiest husky eyeballs and screeched something about being "right behind you" and my face got cold with the jeebies.

Weaves also from Toronto. I don't remember this amount of quality music coming out of Toronto while living there the fuck. Also their guitar player used to talk me to sleep after a long day of hotboxing that pile of chairs behind my highschool on The Morgan Waters show. Now he's got a great show called The Amazing Gayl Pile.



everyone needs friends

a boys name is shut up. his teacher asked him his name and he said "shut up" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

check this bogosity; famous people turning into crack for the masses once again

this natron shit really works

adam showed me this show called The Foundation and Paul Spence is in it and his performance is solidifying my love even beyond the melt of this performance I can't contain myself really

remember when he was chilling with his kid on the stoop of our Dep and I didn't go up to him fuck i'll regret that till the day I go up to him at a different Dep



yeah cliff, it's working

veered off a little bit there

qotsa break it's kewl

moist break it's kewl


Been perusing Ipecac's current band family




i'm revisting Xavier: Renegade Angel and it's still the best show in the universe

"here's why i never take off my shirt when we go sweeming"

ready for a sax solo





just relax