crinkle crinkle lil shirt

song of the dhey

Happy Humpday kooks


what a nice sound this gal has

chicken necks


Yesterday Adam and I went for a fantastic hike through mystery mountain. 5 seconds into the hike he saw a nice rock and said "hey what a nice rock" after picking it up. "A nice, classic rock" he said at the classic rock then threw it and it landed in a beautiful classic stance.

I'm either developing dyslexia or chrome's default translator is translating English to terrible English.

Either way it's pretty sad round these parts.

 In other news, I'm still a very talented craftsperson. And still down for a good laugh. 40% crying 40% laughing 20% regular face.

 Bye bye Mark Goffin, you super cool guy.
 Bye bye Agostino, you sweet old crab.


I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to too


hi guy

Tuesday morning cabbage-fest.

He who protested it, foam-crested it. He who revealed it, peeled it. He who quipped it, ripped it. He who decoyed it, deployed it. He who unearthed it, birthed it. He who sensed it, dispensed it. He who squeaked it, cheeked it. He who blurted it, squirted it. He who rebuked it, nuked it.