i just had a flashback of being 6 and stuffing socks down my sweater to make boobs and putting building blocks under my heels in my socks to make highheels, all to turn myself on alone in my room.



whispers of bleu

lookit where Faith no More is playing in Berlin in June



i fired Patrik


the future is meow

you wouldnt blue angel a car

pining for timmi
reid laughing it up in my room

Kahki prolly pointing at babes

Agostino helping that hilarious girl and her gold bike. miss you Guy ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Tina's blork florgs. what a fun day

Elliot's Cam'ron themed bedroom.

kewl truck

kewl backyard

someone got sleepy on Runyon Canyon so a fleet of firetrucks came hungout

A-Balls on the sticks n' Dudu's his biggest fan

Tina's fshh n'Du

me in my house in Emden with Denes

Timmi being cheeky

Benny lounging before footy. This is where we watched a lot of World Cup

baby crow :( :)

Meddin's knees

Rumi's knee

Rumi and I got a bit day drunk this day it was very nice

this looks like Dudu and NorthYork in Toronto

A-Balls took apart my Korg one day and we had fun looking inside

poot poot'n in Montreal