whispers of bleu

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Haven't been to this blog in probably 6 months. How are you? Its me Takbir-ia, mean moppin', with the extra big mac sauce on the side.

September 12, 2014: Declan, in a very drunken haze charges me hard and his front tooth becomes embedded in my forehead, I get 17 stitches that night and he gets an expensive implant replacement. I finish early and wait for him outside the hospital in dead silence. Cold night chills and a black night sky. Melancholy and a quiet internal crisis. Full moon, unflossed teeth and dirty socks. I need to change. And no, i'm not referring to my clothing.

I'm less funny now, I think because I'm doing more mature adult-y things, although sometimes Ale(xxx)andra comes over for our play date where upon finishing she says "good till the last drop". However, she does make good use of the knee pads I bought her. But seriously, people are growing up, having kids, focused on careers, getting married, travelling, some are lost and some are just sleeping on life. I'm still goin' hard, making changes, making mistakes, enjoying my play dates, adapting faster than the matrix, trying to solve problems and living. I hope you've been good.