bachelorette longweekend in the Ham this Thursday.


Anonymous said...

What about today, any wisdom? No? Did you at least get the flies out? It's me, covered yogurt. I haven't been to this blog in ages, probably in well over a year now, but I thought this blog would be dead by now. Things are different for me, I just stopped by to thank you for your "if you want to get somewhere new, you have to try something new" advice you had given me. I'm now on a different path. If you want a more elaborate update from me, just reply to this post and say "je suis ginyu force 24/7". Regardless, I hope your doing well with your music and film and your life in general and that you experience immense happiness.

Awølla said...

ich bin ginyu force vierundzwanzig/sieben
i need to practice
please please tell me more guy/girl
you're in my heart