"Arriving alive" or "With my butt pockets filled with snow"

Yesterday early morning it snowed in Leipzig. By the time I was riding to work the main roads were already pretty dried up. I was riding along one of said dry roads then turned left onto Merseburger which which was not cleared. I hit a shloppy patch of shlippery shnow and skidded over, launching my bike under an oncoming car. Car wasn't going very fast but with the shlopps n' all, wasn't able to stop before driving over my bike. He backed up off of it as gently as he could, me cringing the whole time. The bike sprung out from under the wheel, making quite a noticeable "boy-yoing" upon its release, looking pretty fucked. My heart sank, but I was relieved to be in one piece myself. I had a couple more blocks to walk until I reached work so I bent my handlebars and fenders back into reasonable shape so the front wheel would at least turn, at which time I realized that there was miraculously still air in the tire, none of the spokes were bent, and although the frame is quite bent, the whole shabang is pretty much fine. Had this happened to the Bianchi, I'm sure the bike would be toast, but this fucking MIFA is indestructible I tell you. Not a single part has been replaced since it was built sometime in the mid 60s. What a gem. I love you little guy.

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